Turbine Blade Utility Carts 

Anderson Custom Iron Works LLC has been involved in the Ground Turbine Blade Industry for several years. Having worked in the field and on the parts themselves we understand the importance of protecting your parts. Whether they are coming in for Initial Inspection, work in process, or all the way through Final Inspection, protect your investment. Our "V CARTS" are great for protecting the blades during LPPS and APS coating operations and all the way through Moment Weighing and balancing processes.

Our carts are used in Turbine Blade Facilities all across the U.S. Standard "V CARTS" are great for 501F series blades as well as V84 blades and buckets, standard carts hold 48 parts per carts. All carts are Powder Coated in house (your choice of color) and all "V Trays" are coated with a non marking rubberized coating to protect the Fur Tree and Root area from scratches, nicks and damage that can be detrimental to your part shipping to your customer when it gets to Final Inspection. All carts are equipped with heavy duty casters, both rigid and swivel and also include a Job box up front. We offer custom made "V Carts" and "Flat Carts" as well, just give us your Specs.! These carts have been found to work great when implimenting batch and one piece flow and achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold status in your facility. U.S. Patent Pending.

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